MsFashionistEyes Story

“Using my broken pieces to create my masterpiece”

MsFashionistEyes Collection was birthed from a painful place but like every author of any great story, I decided to take that pain and turn into purpose.
I am basically trying to “take the brick thrown at me and use them to build my castle.”
This story is about a young girl who has decided to take full ownership of her life and change the script.
I graduated around the 2008 financial recession, my son being admitted to high school, bills were piling up, money running low, faith was being tested and the future was starting to look hopeless. Despite all of these obstacles, I felt courageous and resilient to take full control of my life for a better future for us.
 I refused to be or more importantly, let my son be a statistic! With my back against the wall, I decided to put all my faith and trust in God. It was during this spiritual journey that God placed this vision in my spirit to start an apparel line. Frankly, this idea seemed unrealistic for so many reasons because I was running out of money and needed a solution immediately. I was terrified but I decided to take the leap of faith and pursue the idea;  I invested all my funds I had left  to help bring the idea to fruition. To my surprise, the merchandise were well received by my community  of  family and friends and I was able to make a good return on my initial investment. This experience gave me the confidence I needed to think bigger and pursue my business on a bigger scale. However,  my son’s sophomore year at Bronx Science required a lot of my attention; I decided to put my business expansion efforts on hold so that I could assist in my son's college preparation process. I was able to take on a full time job wondering how my son's education would be paid.  Divine intervention aligned everything in our favor as my son received scholarship/grants into a 4-year college of his choice. This newfound freedom and time as an empty nester finally gave me the opportunity to continue to pursue expansion efforts of my business. My hard work in the midst of so much hardship, heartache and love for fashion have been the driving force behind this labor of love for the past few years, and I am finally so excited to share of piece of my heart with you! 
I hope that my story of perseverance has inspired you to continue to believe in yourself, and to pursue your dreams no matter how long it takes to accomplish. If I can defy the odds after becoming a teen mom, as an immigrant, facing almost homelessness and a dream deferred college-grad; SO CAN YOU!
   I want to use my story to show others that I am proof that God gives second chances.
My goal for my business is to create an impact by motivating, inspiring, encouraging and empowering through continued passion and creating purpose.
In hindsight, I believe that God was preparing me and using my love for fashion married to the need to inspire someone who is walking down a similar path. Fashion has literally been my greatest escape and a way to express myself during these difficult times. I've strongly believe that there is a  positive correlation between fashion and the way one feels about themselves. As cliche as it may sound: I believe that when you look good, you feel good and it can help you change your outlook on your life which can ultimately  change your outcome.
I want to encourage that confused teen mom, that struggling single mother, that hopeless homeless mother and that frustrated dreamer…
But, HOPE and LOVE drove me!
Although, I am a work in progress-I hope my story will motivate you to
DREAM BIG in spite of the odds.
xo MsFashionistEyes.